Should You Contact Cops Following A Truck Accident in Philadelphia?

A truck accident occurs because of wrong driving by a driver. It can lead to personal injury to victims. Filing a police report following a road accident is essential in Philadelphia. 

The chance of winning a truck accident case depends, to a great extent, on the police report. The police report will carry all the information regarding the accident and circumstantial evidence. 

A truck accident case may go in your favor if the lawyer you have hired successfully argues your case in court. The police report carries much weight in the court. It is also necessary to lay claim on insurance companies. 

Experienced Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can use the police report to build a strong case for the client. Following an accident, the cops have a lot of work to do. 

If you want to know what these cops do on the accident spots, read ahead:

  • The Police make a thorough study of the cause of the accident and file a report. Based on circumstantial evidence and statement of the eyewitnesses, their final report will mention whether or not the driver of the truck was at fault? 
  • The Police make an assessment of a physical pain suffered by you and damages caused to the vehicle. In court and lawsuits, it carries much importance. Based on the Police’s statement, your attorneys can help you receive higher compensation from the insurance company. 
  • The police photographer will take photographs of the actual scene of an accident. These photographs form legal proof of the accident and its actual conditions. They serve as pieces of evidence that may be placed in court. 
  • Cops may find out some witnesses of the accident and record their statements. This can show the actual cause of the accident. It may also prove the innocence of the truck driver based on the statement of the witnesses. 

Does Police Report Carry Any Legal Value?

On proper verification, the police officer-in-charge of the particular accident case will give an opinion. In such an opinion, the reason for the accident, mistake if any, of the driver and mistake of other persons will be given. 

The statement by the law enforcement officer can help the attorney exonerate the driver. It can also ask the insurance company to pay the compensation amount set on the higher side on grounds of the personal injury sustained by the victim. 

Thus, the opinion of the police officers investigating a particular truck accident case has legal validity. The insurance companies cannot just sidetrack to pay less compensation. 

In Conclusion

In most cases of truck accidents, it is not always the fault of the driver. The accident may have happened even if the driver tried their best to avoid it. But the general notion mostly goes against the driver. Mostly the truck driver is blamed. 

A successful personal injury lawyer fights the case with legal documents and circumstantial evidence. He will not only exonerate the driver but also help the driver receive hefty compensation from the insurance company.  

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