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Did you know that injury rates in the construction industry are around 71% higher than those across any other industry? 

Each year, a staggering amount of more than 200,000 construction workers experience non-fatal injuries in the U.S. 

Most commonly, these injuries are a result of workers falling from ladders and rooftops, operating dangerous machinery, being exposed to faulty wiring or gas leaks - or even being hit by vehicles due to the exhaustion-caused distraction.

If you or someone you know has experienced an injury at a construction site, and this injury is a result of someone else's negligence, you may be eligible for compensation. 

So, what are the steps that you should take to ensure that you're properly compensated? Don't worry, we got you covered on that. 

Get the right medical treatment

Regardless of how severe your injuries initially appear to be, you should always seek medical attention first. 

Even if it seems like you've gotten away with only bumps and bruises, you might have experienced an injury to your head, spine or another internal organ that you may not be aware of at first. 

To avoid any additional future consequences, have a medical professional look into your injuries and prescribe you a treatment. 

Document your injuries, names and dates of doctors treating them, treatments and medications prescribed to you, as well as medical bills you've paid. Your medical records can serve as useful evidence in case your claim ends up before the court. 

You'll want to choose a reputable specialist with a lot of experience with construction site accident injuries. This way, you can be sure that your doctor knows which kind of information will be needed for your claim.

Report your accident to the employer

Fear of losing a job is the number one reason for construction workers not to report work-related accidents. However, this step is crucial for a couple of reasons:

  • By uncovering unsafe practices of your employer, you're lowering the risk of those accidents happening to you or someone else in the future.
  • Reporting the accident to your employer leads to the creation of documentation regarding the accident. This can serve as a precious piece of evidence in court and positively impact the validity of your claim.
  • The sooner you report the accident, the faster your compensation claim will get processed.

In some states, reporting is a mandatory step for injured parties to take and it often has to be done within a certain timeframe. Law SB construction accidents attorneys can help you determine whether the statute of your state has such a timeframe and what it is. 

Are there any things you should pay attention to when filling out these reports?

The answer is yes. It's advised to keep your report as detailed and precise as possible and have it in a written form. It should be accepted by your employer or their representative and marked with the date of submission.

Finally, make sure to copy this report for your attorney to look into, as it will be an important part of your compensation claim. 

Gather evidence

Was there anyone present when the accident occurred who could testify to your injuries? If yes, you should try to get their contact information. 

Be sensible about approaching potential witnesses because they may also be afraid of losing their job and, therefore, unwilling to testify. You may also consider having your attorney communicate with them instead of you. 

Other evidence which could prove useful are photos of the accident scene or videos from surveillance cameras - if there are any. This also includes photos of your injuries. It's okay if you acquire these materials from someone else, in case you weren't able to take them yourself.

Find an attorney experienced in construction site accidents

The sooner you hire a legal professional, the more time you'll have to prepare the case together. 

As you may have probably noticed, in personal injury accidents, time is of the essence. You want to make sure that your evidence is obtained before it gets lost, as this will put you in a better position during any potential negotiations.

As for negotiations, it's best if you don't initiate any without an attorney by your side. 

An attorney who has had a large volume of similar cases will know what your case is worth, which may get you a higher compensation. Moreover, this will prevent you from signing any settlement or other documents without properly understanding them first. 

Last but not least, a construction site accidents attorney will know what damages you're entitled to. 

You may think you're entitled only to compensation for your physical injuries. In reality, you may also be eligible for compensation for pain, emotional suffering, medical bills, loss of salary due to inability to work or any other financial losses.

File a claim (and an appeal, if necessary)

Worker's compensation and Personal injury claims are the two remedies most commonly filed by construction workers who have experienced a work-related injury.

These claims and deadlines for filing them may differ from state to state, so make sure to seek legal help in this step of the way. This is important because these claims work as a sort of insurance against injuries at your workplace.

Which of these two claims should you opt for? That depends on several things. 

The main one is whether your employer is the reason why you got injured or if a third party (for example, a co-worker) is at fault. Another one is that your employer may not have opted for worker's compensation insurance. 

In case your claim gets denied, you may still have a chance at receiving compensation. The right to an appeal is a constitutional right and your attorney can help you with this process.

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How to Collect Evidence After a Car Accident Car accidents are a leading cause of death and injury in a city like Atlanta. In 2019, more than 39,000 car crashes occurred in that city alone. These crashes resulted in thousands of injuries and fatalities.

Unfortunately, injured accident victims are up against many obstacles when trying to get the compensation they need to rebuild their lives. To make things easier, accident victims are encouraged to collect as much evidence as possible after a crash. While this is not always easy, this evidence is crucial in building a solid case and negotiating maximum compensation with insurance companies.

Collecting Evidence after a Motor Vehicle Crash

After a car accident, collecting evidence is important. This evidence will help you build your case and ensure adequate compensation for damages. Physical evidence can help establish who was at fault for the accident and support your damages claim.

First Things First: Protect Yourself and Your Future

The first thing you should do after an accident is call 911 and receive medical care. This is critical because it allows you to get the help you need after an accident. Prompt medical care is one of the best ways to reduce the pain and suffering you may experience after an accident.

In addition, your medical report will become an invaluable piece of evidence. Attorneys can use your medical report to build your claim and ensure that you have enough money to pay for medical expenses and future care.

Don’t Wait to Call an Attorney

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident, it is important to seek legal help as soon as possible. While you are recovering, your attorney can take the reins and begin collecting evidence. This is the best way to gather evidence because it allows you to focus on your health and recovery rather than finding evidence for your personal injury claim.

Did you know that a lot of evidence is lost quickly after an accident? While you’re in the hospital dealing with surgeries and therapies, valuable evidence is often lost. Skid marks fade, vehicle damage gets fixed, and commercial truck black box data gets erased. This isn’t fair! Yet, injured accident victims often go home from the hospital to find that gathering evidence for their claim just got harder. Make things easier on yourself by calling a lawyer from the start.

Gather Evidence Yourself

If you did not suffer a serious injury after an accident, you can take steps to begin gathering evidence right from the accident scene. Here are some tips on how to collect evidence after a car accident:

  1. Call the police. The police report from the accident is very helpful. The report will include information about what the officer saw and will often determine who was at fault for the accident. Even minor crash victims will benefit from getting an accident report.
  2. Take pictures of the accident scene. This includes photos of vehicle damage and photos of the accident scene. If there are skid marks on the road, take photos of them. Photograph the license plates of all the vehicles involved.
  3. Get witness contact information. Witnesses can help provide information about what happened. Get eyewitness contact information and a statement from them about what they saw.
  4. Keep track of accident expenses. You may not realize it, but accident expenses can become valuable evidence. They can help your attorney show how much you’ve paid for medical care, medications, and car repairs. Keep receipts and copies of all bills.

If you follow these tips, you will be in a much better position to receive the compensation you deserve after an Atlanta car accident. Don't let the insurance companies take advantage of you; make sure you have strong evidence on your side.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

When you suffer an injury in a car accident, you need a law firm on your side that can help you fight the insurance companies. An experienced car accident lawyer means you get an expert who knows how to obtain maximum compensation for you after a crash, and you don’t pay anything unless you win.

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What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney Do? Is it Worth it to Hire One? Criminal defense attorneys provide legal representation to individuals who have been accused in criminal cases. Working with a good criminal defense attorney can take most of the case's burden off you. Lane, Hupp, & Crowley is best Phoenix criminal defense lawyer who can work with you to protect your rights and provide legal guidance throughout your case.  

Criminal defense attorneys investigate the case filed against their clients, research the facts, and try to negotiate deals with the prosecutors. These deals can include reduced bail amount, charges, or jail time.  

The defense attorneys also examine witnesses, help develop a plea, analyze the prosecutor's case, assess potential sentences, review search and seizure procedures, speak to witnesses, and collect evidence. If no plea deal can be made, they represent their client in court. 

How does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Work 

A criminal defense lawyer follows a detailed process in approaching your case and defending you. Here is a brief overview of the process: 

  • Case Assignment 

A court typically assigns you a criminal defense lawyer. You can directly contact one as well. Most criminal defense lawyers are appointed to cases by the local, state, and federal courts. They can be hired by private firms as well. Some criminal defense lawyers run private legal offices.  

  • Case Interviews 

Once the lawyer meets you personally, they will try and get as many details as possible about the case from you. They will ask you specific questions to learn about your cases' strengths and weaknesses. You will go through several sessions of thorough questioning till the lawyers have all the information they need.  

  • Case Investigation 

The criminal defense lawyer will further investigate the case to determine if there are any possible avenues of acquitting you. This investigation can include interviewing the police about the procedures followed, speaking to witnesses, and collecting as much information about the case as possible. All this information will be used to build a strong defense for you. If an expert witness is used in the case, the criminal defense lawyer may even speak to this witness.

  • Evidence Analysis 

Once all the evidence is collected, the criminal defense lawyer will carefully go through the theories and facts. They can get the evidence tested independently or examine it to see if any legal issues may work in your favor. 

  • Jury Selection 

A criminal defense lawyer assists with the jury selection process. They can try to get jurors removed if they feel the jurors are biased.  

  • Plea Bargaining 

The criminal defense lawyer will be responsible for bringing up the plea bargain. They will negotiate with the prosecutor and try to secure a favorable deal for you. This could be a reduction in charges or possible punishment. 

  • Participating in Trial 

The criminal defense lawyer will represent you if your case goes to trial. They will examine and cross-examine witnesses and convince the jury that you are innocent. 

  • Sentencing 

If you are sentenced for the crime, a criminal defense lawyer will represent you during the sentencing phase. They will try to limit your serving time and discuss possible alternatives to incarceration. 

Responsibilities of a Criminal Defense Lawyer 

The primary responsibility of a criminal defense lawyer is to represent you and defend your rights in a court of law. Experienced criminal defense attorneys like Lane, Hupp, & Crowley will do everything in their power to reduce your sentence and get the best possible outcome for you. They handle various criminal cases like domestic violence, drug crimes, gun crimes, federal crimes, and felony crimes 

Working in the Defendant's Best Interest 

A criminal defense attorney should always have your best interest at heart. Many good criminal defense lawyers will provide holistic representation to their clients. This means they will focus on your entire situation and not just the case at hand, and provide you guidance. 

Defending Your Rights 

Defending your rights in and out of the courtroom is one of the most important responsibilities of a criminal defense attorney. They must ensure that you get a fair trial. Criminal proceedings can often become hectic, and as a result, certain aspects of a case may get overlooked. A criminal defense attorney ensures no such thing happens.  

Is it Worth Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney? 

You may wonder if it is worth hiring a criminal defense attorney. You may even consider representing yourself in the case. A criminal defense attorney can work with you to get you the best outcome possible. Here are reasons why you should hire a defense attorney: 

  • Deep Understanding of the Judicial System 

This is the most important reason to hire a professional attorney. An experienced defense lawyer will know the intricacies of the court system and will guide you through the process based on your individual case.  

  • Experience with Similar Cases 

Criminal defense attorneys have years of experience defending people accused of various crimes. They would have handled several cases that are similar to your case and will know how to defend you in court.  

  • They Can Assess Law Enforcement Conduct 

Criminal defense lawyers know what police officers can and cannot do during investigations and questioning. They can tell you if a police officer has infringed upon your rights. If the evidence was gathered improperly, the lawyer could get it thrown out, leading to a dismissal.  

  • Advice on Best Possible Outcomes 

A good criminal attorney will not paint a rosy picture of your case's outcome. They will assess all the information and give you a realistic opinion. They will advise you about the possible penalties you may face and will inform you what is in your best interest. They will guide you on whether you should accept the plea deal or fight the criminal charges.  

Being charged with a criminal offense is frustrating. Speak to a criminal defense lawyer to assess your options in case you have been charged. The lawyer will advise you on your legal rights and provide you with guidance throughout your case.

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How Many Attempts Will a Process Server Make in Contra Costa County? The legal process can be excruciatingly convoluted. In the US, a crucial aspect of this process involves “being served”—the colloquial expression to mean having official, legal documents delivered to you in person. In theory, anyone over the age of 18 can do this. Most people try to avoid getting served for apparent reasons. This means that you need a dependable professional agency like  D&R Legal Process Service in Contra Costa County specializing in the proper and timely delivery of critical legal documents. When there is a need, you can count on such professionals to get the job done, ensuring that you don’t risk getting your case thrown out of court because of something as trivial as failure to deliver a court order.

Who is a Process Server?

A process server is anyone that delivers legal documents to a party in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding. Usually, a process server is a sheriff or his deputy. However, any law enforcement official or someone designated by the courts can act as a process server. The process server’s job is to ensure that the involved party receives the legal document on time.

In such cases, a court of law has no jurisdiction over any individual until such an individual has been adequately served with a legal document summoning them to appear before the said court.

No Limits on Service Attempts

In theory, a process server can make as many attempts as possible to ensure the defendant or concerned party receives the necessary legal document. The delivery of such documents is easier said than done. Process servers have the unenviable task of finding people who usually don’t want to be found. With most people being busy with their lives, it can become challenging to locate specific individuals. If such individuals know of a possible court summon, they may actively try to avoid any attempts by the courts to contact them. This makes the job of process servers more difficult.

On average, a process server can try to serve a legal document three times. This is usually done on three separate occasions at different times of the day to ensure the best chance of finding such individuals. Some jurisdictions may have specific guidelines for how this delivery should be carried out, but it’s usually the same.

These guidelines may vary from state to state or even within the same state. For example, a judge in one county may require process servers to make at least five attempts before giving up, while another in a neighboring county may require only three. 

Professional process servers will make every effort to ensure that your legal documents are delivered to the involved party promptly. This, of course, depends on several other factors. For example, if the deadline for a court notice is less than five days, it becomes difficult for the process server to attempt numerous deliveries even if they want to.

When a Process Server Makes Only One Attempt

Sometimes, a process server stops trying to deliver the legal notice after the first attempt. This may not be due to laziness but extenuating circumstances. Say a judge issues a subpoena for an individual to appear before the court. If the court has a wrong address for the involved party, the process server will stop delivering the notice after the first try. There were instances when the party involved changed residence. It becomes challenging for the process server to locate such individuals. In such a case, they stop trying after the first attempt because it makes no sense to keep coming back to the same address if they’ve been told otherwise by neighbors or any occupants of such a house.

Methods of Service

As mentioned, process servers will make every attempt to deliver legal documents in person. This is the best-case scenario, ensuring that the involved party cannot deny receiving the documents. Sometimes this scenario may not be feasible. If the involved party has other individuals living with them, delivery of the summon or subpoena to those he resides can also be considered a successful process service. The person to whom the subpoena is to be handed must be of an appropriate age and sound mind. For example, a ten-year-old may not fully comprehend the importance of a court document. Hence leaving a subpoena to give to the involved party does not count as a successful delivery. Similarly, an adult with a known history of mental issues doesn’t qualify to receive such documents.

Service By Mail or Tacking at Last Known Address

When finding a defendant becomes very difficult, process servers can mail legal documents. Certified mail is usually best because a return receipt can be issued. A process server can send a second copy of the document through regular mail. If the regular mail is not sent back as undelivered, the involved party is considered served.

Tacking the document on a person’s front door is also an option, though not as effective. A copy of the warrant or subpoena can be taped to the front door of their last known address. However, this should be a last resort. The involved party can permanently deny receiving the subpoena or warrant, claiming that someone else ripped it off the door and ran with it.

After successfully delivering a legal document, a process server will certify, under oath, that they have ensured that the involved party has received the documents within the set timeframe. This process is known as the Return of Service.

Failure to successfully deliver a subpoena or a court order means the involved party is under no obligation to do anything. Regardless of how attempts a process server makes, successful delivery is the only way an involved party will be legally obligated to accede to the court’s orders.

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Finding the Right Criminal Lawyer in Saskatoon Being accused of having committed a crime can take a toll on a person’s life. It can tarnish one’s name and reputation and even restrict liberties. These are just some of the impacts that being accused can have. When you are facing such charges, you need a lawyer who will help to mount a strong and successful defence. A skilled Criminal Lawyer in Saskatoon will be there with you every step of the way.

When you have been accused of a crime, the prosecutor and law enforcement will make use of all the resources available to them to ensure that you are prosecuted. To prevent this from happening, you need to reach out to a criminal lawyer as soon as you realise that you might be facing criminal charges.

Through this daunting time, you need to find a lawyer whom you can trust. A simple search on the internet will show you a thousand options. How do you find the right criminal lawyer? Well, we are here to make this task easier for you. Following are some of the important qualities that you should look for.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Criminal law cases are tricky to handle. When you are facing charges, you need a lawyer who will be there by your side and provide you with reliable counsel and advocacy. It is their advice on which you would be acting through this. Hence, it is only imperative that you can trust them. The reputation of the law firm can help you to determine that. During your initial consultation, you will be discussing your case with the lawyer, this will help you to determine how comfortable you feel with them.

Complete Solutions

There are many different types of cases that fall under the practice of criminal law. Some of these cases include Sexual assault, murder, theft, DUI charges, homicide, animal cruelty and domestic abuse. A team of independent lawyers who have varied background experience is always helpful. It is always best to have a criminal law firm that will provide you with all solutions under one roof.

Experienced Lawyer

Each criminal case is unique in its own right. To handle your case well and to build a strong defence, you need an experienced lawyer. Experience and knowledge play an essential role when you are choosing a law firm. In the field of law, practical experience is as important as theoretical knowledge. It provides them with the necessary skill set needed to help you in your fight for freedom. The team of lawyers should include experienced and qualified defence lawyers. This will help to handle even the most complicated cases.

Rate of Success

The rate of success is something that one looks at when deciding on a lawyer. A law firm that has a reputation for success will help you to be more at ease with them. When you choose a defence team, they should be able to protect your right and help you in your fight for freedom.

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What Are the Major Causes of Slip And Fall Accidents in a Nursing Home? Slip and fall accidents are a major causative factor for nursing home injuries, hospitalization, and death in the elderly segments of the population. Thousands of slip and fall incidents occur at nursing homes in the United States each year, contributing significantly to elderly morbidity and mortality. While these accidents and subsequent injuries are dangerous for all age groups, they are significantly more morbid in the elderly segment of the population. The older age of nursing home residents puts them at a greater risk of fatal injuries and delayed recovery even if the injuries prove not to be fatal.

Nursing home slip and fall accidents can result in a dramatic decrease in the quality of life of their victims. People who get involved in such unfortunate incidents might suffer lasting injuries, prolonged physical disability, possible permanent incapacitation, depression, and more. If your loved one at a nursing home got involved in such an incident, they might be entitled to compensation for their damages, whether physical, financial, emotional, incidental or otherwise as provided by the experienced slip and fall attorney at Salamati Law.

Major Causes of Nursing Home Slips and Falls

Some of the major causes of slip and fall accidents occurring at nursing homes include:

Poor Safety Measures

Nursing homes are for the elderly and incapacitated segments of the population. Most individuals at a nursing home require a proper safety infrastructure to ensure safe travel from one spot to the other. For instance, a lack of guide rails or wheelchair ramps count as poor safety measures on the part of the nursing home administration and put the population at risk of possibly fatal slip and fall injuries.

Active Safety Hazards

Active safety hazards are another common cause of nursing home slip and fall accidents. These include hazards like wet or slippery floors, poor lighting conditions, improperly maintained flooring, improper wheelchairs, the unsafe height of nursing home beds, and more. All these hazards can be minimized with proper care and safety inspections, saving hundreds of nursing home residents from the risk of serious physical harm.

Walking Problems

Walking problems are a leading cause of slips and falls involving the elderly at nursing homes. Most nursing home residents suffer from issues pertaining to ambulation, including gait abnormalities, muscular weakness or paralysis, and more. These problems make normal walking difficult for nursing home residents and result in nearly twenty-five percent of all nursing home slip and fall accidents.

Environmental Dangers

Nursing homes are designed to be safe for the elderly and incapacitated population. As such, there should be no active environmental dangers like oddly placed safety equipment, cluttered hallways, cramped walkways, etc. These dangers predispose to nursing home residents slipping and falling, incurring serious physical injury in the process.

Improper Nursing Care

Improper care offered by the nursing staff and paramedical professionals is another major factor behind these accidents at nursing homes. If an individual requires manual help from a nurse to move from one place to the other, unassisted ambulation can significantly increase the risk of slipping and falling. Similarly, a lack of safety equipment that assists in walking can also increase the risk of slips and falls, for instance, ill-fitting wheelchairs, absent or improper canes or walking sticks, etc.


Nursing home residents, especially the elderly are at an increased risk of slip and fall accidents and injury due to their medication, including medicines like anti-depressants, sedatives and hypnotics, and other drugs that inhibit the CNS (Central Nervous System) and decrease cognitive awareness of one’s surroundings. Since most of these drugs are long-acting, most accidents tend to happen in less than 72 hours of taking a dose of the said medications.


These types of accidents in the elderly can prove deadly due to the higher risk of lasting physical and mental effects of such accidents and resulting injuries. If you or your loved one got involved in a slip and fall accident in a nursing home, you might be entitled to financial compensation for your damages if the accident is proven to be the fault of the nursing home staff or administration.

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How Long Do You Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Chicago? A personal injury claim in Chicago is limited to two years from the date of injury. So, you have two years from the accident date to file a claim. Otherwise, you lose the right to compensation. In this article, Cushing Law - Chicago Injury Lawyers, explain how the statute of limitations affects your rights as an injured person and what steps you should take if the time limit has passed.

Types of Injury Claims in Chicago

Personal injury claims in Chicago can take many forms. For example, vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, or injuries sustained on construction sites may all have different statutes of limitations. But it is required that you sue within two years of the date your treatment ended. However, this period can vary widely depending on the facts and the specific treatment.

It is possible for criminal cases to result in personal injury claims, but you must be careful not to confuse the two, since they have different statutes of limitations. If a criminal case leads to an injury claim, such as battery or negligence during police arrest procedures, you will need to sue within three years.

To determine which personal injury claim is best suited to your situation, it is crucial that you consult with a Chicago attorney. They can answer questions you may have about filing deadlines and explain the statute of limitations.

When Is it Possible to Extend Filing Deadlines?

Your case may still be heard by a judge even if you cannot file within the statute of limitations. To do this, you need an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer who will petition for equitable tolling. If there is a delay in filing or some other circumstance outside of your control, the court may grant you an extension after the statutory period has expired.

The law regarding equitable tolling varies from state to state. It also requires showing good cause for why you could not present your case in a timely manner before the statute of limitations expired.

As an example, if you were injured and did not receive medical treatment for several years due to lack of insurance or inability to pay your bills, this may qualify as a good reason to extend the deadline.

A court will consider how much time has passed since the injury occurred, how severe the injury is, and whether you made any attempts to file a claim during that time.

Accounting for the Impact of Your Personal Injury Claim

If your claim is successful, the damages will be determined by how much harm you suffered. The court may consider lost wages, medical bills, and other factors that go into an accurate assessment of pain and suffering.

Even if it appears there is no reason to file for personal injury compensation after two years of receiving no medical treatment, it is important to remember that the statute of limitations does not mean you will never receive a claim. The law can help people who have been wronged and allow them to seek justice after waiting three full years from the time their injury occurred.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident in Chicago?

In Chicago, the time it takes to settle a car accident can vary greatly. It depends on the severity of the injuries, the number of people involved, and whether liability is contested. Usually, if there is no dispute about who was at fault and the injuries are relatively minor, the case can be resolved within six months.

You may have to wait up to three years to settle your case if the injuries are severe or there is a dispute about who caused the accident. As you wait out these deadlines, it is crucial that you hire a lawyer early on to ensure all of your rights are protected.

Is a Lawsuit Always Necessary?

Many people who are injured in car accidents or other types of personal injury cases choose to file lawsuits. However, there is no requirement that you must go through the legal system after suffering an injury.

Some people choose to avoid the stress of litigation over minor injuries, even if someone else was clearly at fault for causing them. So, if your injuries will not negatively affect your quality of life, you may choose to walk away.

If you are disabled or have chronic pain after an accident and have no hope of recovering before the statute of limitations for your claim expires, ignoring litigation is not the best option. In such cases, it is usually best to file a lawsuit or petition the court under equitable tolling law.

Can I Get Compensation Without Going to Court?

It is possible to settle a personal injury claim without ever filing a lawsuit. This can be done through negotiation or mediation. These are both forms of alternative dispute resolution that allow the two sides in an accident case to reach an agreement outside of court.

For example, if you were involved in a car accident and received minor injuries but the other party was clearly at fault, then you may be able to work out an agreement with them even if they have no insurance coverage. This saves both parties time and money in court costs while achieving the same outcome as filing a lawsuit for personal injury damages.

While it is possible to settle a personal injury claim without filing a lawsuit, this isn't the best option if your injuries are severe or ongoing and prevent you from working. In these cases, it is usually best to file a lawsuit and let the court decide how much compensation you should receive for your injuries, lost wages as well as pain and suffering.

An experienced Chicago car accident lawyer knows how to build your case so that it provides the best odds of a successful resolution outside of court. They can also advise you on whether filing a lawsuit is the best option for your situation.

To determine if you have a valid case and find out what options you have available to you regarding compensation, the attorneys at Cushing Law Offices can discuss a potential case in a free consultation. Simply contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our attorneys.

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Personal Injury Law: Understanding Brain Injury The brain is the most fascinating part of the human body. It is also that part which we worry the most about. Sometimes so much that we start to overthink something as simple as headaches. This is usually so because one can never truly understand what takes place inside the brain as it is a highly complex part of the body. When someone is suffering from a brain injury due, it is only normal to be under stress. The stress knows no boundaries when the injury has been caused due to someone else’s negligence. In such a situation, you must reach out to Ava Gio Brain Injury Lawyers. Even if you don’t know someone who has suffered a brain injury, it is always best to know about it.

What do you understand by brain injury?

A sudden violent blow to the head or an object entering the brain tissue can cause brain injury. The injury is of two types usually – mild and traumatic. Mild brain injury happen when the brain cells have been impacted only temporarily. Whereas, in the case of traumatic brain injury there might be torn tissues, bruising, bleeding or any other type of physical damage. Sometimes traumatic injuries can also cause long term psychological and physical complications in the patient. It can also lead to death in some situations. There are various ways in which brain injuries can happen. This could be due to a slip and fall, car accident medical injury, boating accident or any other kind of accident.

How can a personal injury lawyer help you?

When you or someone you love has suffered a brain injury or other traumatic injury due to another party’s negligence, you must reach out to a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer will work with you to provide you with life-changing results by helping you to get the financial compensation that you rightly deserve. When one is suffering from a brain injury, the medical bills can be through the roof which only adds to the stress. Fighting for the financial compensation that you deserve will help you to be at ease. The accident of which you have been a victim could’ve easily been avoided. Having empathetic, compassionate and supportive lawyers by your side will help you focus solely on recovery.

Some rules need to be followed when filing for a personal injury law case, Newmarket also has some. The case can only be filed within two years of the accident, with some exceptions. When you are trying to recover and rehabilitate yourself, keeping a track of these dates can only make it more stressful. The lawyers will ensure that everything is done on time so that you and your loved one can be stress-free. They will keep you updated on how the case is going. They will also help you out by arranging community care and funding, which can make the transition to home easy and as smooth as possible.

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Find the Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles

How to Find the Right Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles for Your Claim

Finding a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles is easy. Finding the best sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles takes work. Many attorneys claim to be qualified sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles. However, only a handful of these attorneys excel at helping employees fight sexual harassment at work.

Finding the best sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles is an artform. You must narrow down the extensive list of attorneys to those that have experience fighting against sexual harassment in the workplace. However, they should also be easy to work with, knowledgeable about the possible outcomes your case could face, and be able to think on their feet.

Follow the following tips to help you find the best sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles for your sexual harassment claim.

  1. The Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles is a Licensed Los Angeles Attorney

First, make sure any attorney you interview is a licensed Los Angeles attorney. A Miami sexual harassment lawyer would be great if you were based in Miami. However, since you are based in Los Angeles, you need to work with a licensed sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles.

In addition, you do not want an attorney that is newly licensed in Los Angeles after working in another state for many years. While they may be knowledgeable about federal sexual harassment laws, they may not have the experience working within the Los Angeles court system or be as knowledgeable of Los Angeles sexual harassment laws.

  1. The Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles Has Experience Advocating in Los Angeles Courts

The next piece of the puzzle of finding the best sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles is to ensure they have experience working within the Los Angeles legal system. An experienced Los Angeles lawyer not only has proven his skills and knowledge of local laws. He has networked within the legal system, getting to know the other attorneys, clerks, and judges.

This network of other legal professionals can help your attorney prepare you for your case. They know how judges operate, the strengths and weaknesses of opposing attorneys, and how to move within the system to get the best results for you and your claim. This type of experience is not taught or learned. It is gained through experience within the Los Angeles court system.

  1. The Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles Cares About You and the Outcome of Your Case.

Your sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles needs to be compassionate. A compassionate lawyer leaves no stone unturned when trying to get you the justice you deserve. They will work with you to ensure your story is told in a manner that evokes empathy on the part of the judge and jury.

A compassionate attorney will be more responsive to your questions and concerns. They will treat you as an individual who endured a horrible experience. They will not ignore you or your needs. Instead, they will work tirelessly to help you put this experience behind you while ensuring you get justice.

  1. The Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles Is Willing to Negotiate a Settlement Before Your Case Begins

A compassionate and experienced sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles understands that you endured a horrific experience in the workplace. Therefore, they will want to ensure you do not have to relive this experience with a drawn-out trial whenever possible.

As a result, the best sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles will work to negotiate a settlement with your attorney before you ever file a complaint. They begin the lines of communication with your employer to try to reach a  fair settlement early in the process.

However, if your employer refuses to negotiate early in the process, your sexual harassment lawyer will not stop the process. They will offer opportunities to settle the case all the way until a judge makes a ruling. The persistence of a qualified negotiator will often help you end the process with a fair settlement sooner rather than later.

  1. The Best Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles Will Fight for Your Rights Until the Case Is Won

You deserve a Pitbull in the courtroom. Your sexual harassment lawyer should be your strongest advocate. They should help you fight for your rights in court without backing down when the case gets tough.

The best sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles will have the ability to think outside of the box while moving with the flow of the case. They will have several plans operating at once to advocate for the best outcome for your claim.

Dedicated to the Protection of Your Rights as an Employee

The sexual harassment lawyers at the Derek Smith Law Group in Los Angeles fit the qualities of the best sexual harassment lawyers in Los Angeles. They can help you fight for your rights with their experience, compassion, and tireless advocacy. Call our sexual harassment lawyers in our Los Angeles office at (310) 602-6050 for a free consultation.

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How Much Do Lawyers Usually Take From a Settlement?

The amount of money that a personal injury lawyer in Canada takes from a settlement varies depending on the case. However, most lawyers charge around 33% of the total settlement amount. This includes legal fees and disbursements. Disbursements are costs that the lawyer incurs while working on the case, such as court filing fees, expert witness fees, and medical report fees. These costs are usually passed on to the client, so it's important to be aware of them when considering hiring a lawyer. Most injury lawyers charge 33.3% of the total settlement amount in legal fees and disbursements.

Time for Payment

Lawyers in Canada usually take their pay from the settlement once it's finalized, but they can ask to be paid earlier in certain situations. If you're settling a lawsuit through an insurance company, your lawyer may ask to be paid sooner than later if you have trouble getting approval for medical treatment or disability payments. In personal injury claims where you've sued another individual or business directly, lawyers often require payment before they approve a settlement because there is little guarantee that the defendant will actually pay what they owe. Injury lawyers require payment when they settle.

It's also important to note that not all personal injury cases end in a settlement. If your case goes to trial, you may have to pay your lawyer's trial fee in addition to his or her regular fee. Most lawyers charge between $3,000 and $5,000 for a trial.

If you're considering hiring a personal injury lawyer, be sure to ask about his or her fees. This will help you understand how much you'll have to pay in legal costs and what you can expect from your settlement. Remember, it's important to choose a reputable and experienced lawyer in personal injury law, like Edwards Injury Law. You don't want to risk your case by choosing the wrong lawyer.

5 Tips To Make Your Personal Injury Claim Easier

Here are five things you can do to make your personal injury claim easier:

- Take photos of the scene and any injuries. Keep all medical records and receipts from related expenses, such as hospital bills and medications. They will prove that you were injured and that the costs incurred

directly resulted from the accident.

- Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Canada before talking to anyone else about your cases, such as insurance providers or the person who caused the accident. A lawyer can help you understand what

evidence is necessary to build your case and ensure that you get compensated for all costs associated with it.

- Be prepared for tough questions during negotiations on settlement amounts. You may need to hire a medical expert witness if there isn't enough documentation to prove the severity of your injuries.

- Cooperate with your lawyer and provide any requested information in a timely manner. This will help avoid any delays in the legal process.

- Don't wait to file a claim. There are time limits in place for personal injury claims, so it's important to act quickly.

Importance Of Hiring Qualified Lawyer

Hiring a qualified personal injury lawyer is probably the most important part of your case because they will be able to help you prove that you were injured and that it was someone else's fault.

Injury lawyers are committed to providing high-quality legal representation for people who've been injured through no fault of their own. Injury lawyers can handle all types of cases, including motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall injuries, medical malpractice suits, premises liability claims (like dog bites), animal attacks (like dog bites), product liability lawsuits (like defective medications or faulty vehicles), workplace injuries and insurance claims.


In conclusion, personal injury cases can be difficult to settle. Lawyers usually take a percentage of the final settlement as payment, and this amount can vary depending on the lawyer's experience. It is important to choose a reputable and experienced lawyer in personal injury law. By following these tips, you can make your claim easier and ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

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Attorney’s Fees in a Personal Injury Case Introduction

Except in non-profit situations, where the lawyer agrees to work without pay, personal injury lawyers usually receive the monetary amount of compensation for their work and the services they give.

Fortunately, because most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, you should be able to employ one even if you don’t have any money. This means that a percentage of the settlement or judgment that the injured person obtains from their injury accident case will be used to pay the attorney’s fee and case costs. In most contingency contracts, the attorney receives no fees or costs if there is no result.

If you’re thinking about hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you in a personal injury lawsuit, make sure you read the lawyer’s contingency fee agreement carefully.

The Definition of a Contingency Basis and How It Works

An agreement based on contingency fees is a legal contract between a prosecutor and a client. The lawyer is paid a share of the client’s money through negotiation or a trial judgment. If the client loses, the prosecutor will not compensate.

Most personal injury lawyers in Pittsburgh do not typically charge anything in advance. They can also work on a contingency basis instead. The normal contingency charge is 30 to 40% of the total amount recovered. The exact proportion will be specified in your contingency fee agreement.

What Are the Advantages of Contingency Fee Contracts?

In personal injury claims, contingency fees are not necessary. Most personal injury law companies, on the other hand, adopt this sort of fee agreement because it benefits both the attorney and the client.

This form of payment settlement enables injured victims who would otherwise be unable to afford legal representation to do so. They are not required to pay their prosecutor a fee if their case does not result in compensation. Therefore, they can do so without risk (in most situations).

On the other hand, contingency fee agreements align the attorney’s interests with those of the clients. Contingency fees drive lawyers to work as hard as possible to obtain the largest potential recovery for their clients. They only get compensated if the client does, and their fee depends on a percentage of the settlement.

Will Lawyers Pay the Costs of the Court and Other Fees?

Lawyers’ fees are usually the most expensive part of pursuing a legal claim. There are, however, a variety of extra costs involved with filing a case.

Most contingency basis contracts do not require the client to pay any of these charges in advance. In the meanwhile, the expenses will be paid by the prosecutor. Many contingency fee contracts specify that if the client receives a settlement or a favorable decision at trial, the prosecutor will be reimbursed for these expenses.

These agreements could also include that the advocate will cover the costs if the client loses their lawsuit. This provides an additional incentive for injury victims to retain a personal injury lawyer, as they will not be responsible for court costs or other expenses if they lose. Court costs, expert witness fees, administrative expenditures, deposition costs, investigation, and information collecting charges are all expenses that the prosecutor will cover.


It’s not simple to strike a balance between the amount of a claim for damages and the potential compensation, and doing so well takes a lot of experience. Even the most knowledgeable and renowned lawyers make mistakes from time to time. A lawyer can spend time and money to develop a better case in many circumstances, but this may not be an expensive investment. As a client, the greatest thing you can do is discuss this balancing act with your attorney so that you can make an accurate choice.

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Do I Need to Call Law Enforcement If I Am in an Auto Accident? If you’ve been in a car accident, regardless of if it’s something major or minor, calling the police as soon as possible and requesting their assistance helps your accident and personal injury case greatly. Why? Here are just a few reasons:

•       Police create a police report that lists the date and time of the auto accident

•       That report lay out the personal injuries just after the wreck for all involved

•       It also lists the property damage to the cars involved in the car accident.

•       The reports explains what happened at a time closest to when the accident occurred.

This information is vital for down the road should you want to sue for your personal injuries or the driver of the other vehicle desires to sue you. Car accidents can cause injuries later, such as back and neck pain and that’s why it’s vital to have what documented as early as possible. It will help you auto accident claim and it also will protect you should the other driver attempt to alter the facts of the car wreck to their advantage later.

Talking with Police after an Auto Accident

Calling the police after an accident, isn’t important just for your case, it’s also the law. But what you say to law enforcement is also important as what you say may work to your benefit or detriment later.  Do not give an opinion, especially if that opinion is that you may have done something that led to the car wreck. North Carolina is a contributory negligence state, meaning if you’re even 1% at fault, you don’t recover. Our personal injury lawyers in Greensboro see this situation play out all of the time in courtrooms throughout North Carolina. Also, auto accidents can lead to criminal charges and infractions if you’re not careful. What you say can and will be used against you.

For instance, if the other driver were to later see that you admitted to fault, they will most likely use that against you later when they sue you for their injuries. Our personal injury attorneys in Greensboro see this happen a lot, and if you admit to something it make it extremely problematic down the road if you end up injured and need insurance to pay for it. Your statements may be played back for you again and again in a personal injury lawsuit if you’re not careful.

Conversations with your Insurance Company after a Car Accident

The other important group to bear in mind after an auto accident is your insurance company. They are not talking with you to help you because either way they have expenses when a car crash occurs. Never say anything that involves you being at fault for any part of a car accident to an insurance representative. There are only a few details you need to provide:

•       What time the auto accident happened

•       The place the car accident occurred

•       Your personal injuries from the car wreck

•       Damage your vehicle received from the accident

•       The number the police use for your accident case

Speaking with the Other Driver’s Insurance Company after a Car Wreck

Don’t speak with other person’s insurance company after an auto accident. They are definitely against you and attempting to ask you questions in ways to get you to state you were at fault. Don’t speak with them and instead contact an experienced car accident lawyer at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law. Once you’ve come in and met with our personal injury attorneys in Greensboro and the other insurance company calls, you can mererely state I have an attorney and for them to contact our law firm. A top rated personal injury lawyer, at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, will protect your rights, and also focus on making sure if you have the opportunity to recover for the auto accident, that recovery is maximized.

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Guide to Getting Damages for Pain and Suffering

When someone is seriously injured or dies as the result of negligence, they are entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. Although it may not be appropriate to present this theory of damages directly to a jury, it is important to include all available evidence in support of the special damages requested. This article discusses the elements that must be proven before an award for pain and suffering can be made and the absolute and relative duties of car drivers.

Suffering: Pain & Mental Anguish

When a car accident results in injury to another person, that person may recover damages for their pain and suffering. These damages are intended to compensate an injured party for non-pecuniary losses such as physical discomfort, mental anguish, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Pain is the most obvious element car accident victims suffer. However, pain may be accompanied by unpleasant or even noxious side effects caused by medications or other treatments. These unwanted after-effects must also be taken into account when determining the value of a car accident case for pain and suffering damages.

Mental anguish includes all types of emotional distress suffered by car accident victims in addition to their physical pain. A car accident victim may be afflicted with anxiety about being injured again or have trouble coping with anger or depression resulting from the incident.

It must be remembered that car accident victims are entitled to damages for both past and future pain and suffering. This is an important distinction because some car accident victims are able to function normally immediately after the car accident, only to have their injuries worsen months or even years later.

Rates of Future Medical Costs

The car accident lawyer must be prepared to prove that a car accident victim's future medical costs will be higher than normal due to their car accident-related injuries. The car accident lawyer will call upon experts to testify that victims with certain car accident-related injuries will spend more money on future medical care than the layperson due to car accident-related issues such as medication and therapy.

Absolute & Relative Duties of Car Drivers

"No duty" means no legal obligation for car drivers to car accident victims. Car drivers who owe no victim a duty of care owe car accident victims nothing unless car drivers breach their duty and cause car accident injuries. Fortunately for victims, most car drivers owe them legal duties of care that must be enforced by damages for pain and suffering in car accident claims.

Different types of car accident car drivers owe car accident victims different levels of care. The car driver who rear-ends another car owes her victimless car accident duty than the car driver who crosses over a double-yellow line to pass another car when it's too late for him to actually pass the car in front of him, causing an inevitable head-on collision.

Absolute car accident duties are car drivers' legal obligations to car accident victims that arise no matter what the circumstances of a car accident might be. For example, car drivers can't blow through red stoplights or stop signs and cause car accidents, while car drivers owe car accident victims an absolute duty to drive safely under all circumstances.

Relative car accident duties are car drivers' legal obligations to car accident victims that arise when the circumstances of a car accident make it more likely for a car driver's negligence to cause harm. For example, if there is ice and snow on the roads and a heavy blizzard has reduced visibility, most courts hold that an otherwise safe and careful driver would be expected to drive with greater care and slower speeds than he would during ideal weather conditions.

A Relative Duty Analysis is used to determine whether a car driver has breached his duty of care by driving so poorly that he is considered negligent. If negligence can be proven, it must also be established that the victim's injuries were caused or made worse by negligent driving in order to prove that compensation for pain and suffering is appropriate.

Pain and Suffering Damages for the Loss of Parental Society

Most states allow parents of child car accident victims to obtain damages for pain and suffering. These damages are usually awarded to pay the mental and emotional costs of watching their children suffer, die, or become seriously disabled. This is especially true when the child's injuries will not only cause pain and suffering but also end the parent's ability to see, hear, or touch his child.

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How to get the most out of your personal injury case If you have been a personal injury victim, you have a valid claim to financial compensation from your assailant. Personal injury cases can be complicated and even take years in court. You may be overwhelmed by a myriad of questions once you realize just how much information there is about personal injury cases, but fret not.

Many personal injury lawyers can help you with your case. However, ensure that you find the right attorney to handle your case by doing thorough research. That said, we have compiled this handy guide to assist you with some great tips on what to do next after your accident:

Educate yourself on the law

Understanding the law is the first thing you should do once your injury has been confirmed as a personal injury. You can do this by speaking to an experienced personal injury lawyer or reading up on news stories about cases of interest. For example, if you were involved in an accident that caused a brain injury, find a reputable brain injury lawyer and ask them any questions that you might be having.

 Prepare carefully

The best case for any party involved is one where all of the necessary information has been filed and documented with proper care. Gather enough evidence as it helps you build your case. If you have any document, letter, sales receipt, or email that could be relevant, seek a way to keep it organized and safe from harm. Also, if possible, try taking pictures of the scene as soon as possible.

work with the right personal injury lawyer

The personal injury attorney you work with should have a good understanding of the law in your location. In addition, they should also have a record of accomplishments that can be shown to you. Before choosing one, do a background check on their past work experience as well as their reputation.

After getting the right attorney, you need to work closely with them to make sure you get the best results possible. Be as specific as possible with your attorney. The more information they have about the accident, the better. Write down details such as what happened, who was involved, where it took place, etc. Also, Provide the names of those involved and any other significant facts that may help build a case for you and raise reasonable doubt against them.

Avoid posting on social media

Lastly, avoid posting about your case on social media. This is because it can come back to haunt you. Another thing you might want to avoid is posting photos that implicate yourself or anyone else involved. Such posts can also work against you. If you need to talk to anyone, you can speak to a close family member or a therapist.

After being involved in an accident, you must find the right personal injury attorney as soon as possible. This way, you can preserve your legal rights and protect yourself from any liability.

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Defective Drugs? Here are 5 Tips to Prove your Claim Many people in the United States are injured by faulty products every year. A defective product is any manufactured good that has a defect when it leaves the factory or during its lifetime. The most common types of defects are design flaws, manufacturing errors, and marketing mistakes. If one has been harmed due to the use of a defective drug, here are five tips to help them prove their claim:

1) One Must Proof The Product injured them

One must first prove that they were injured by using or consuming this product. This can be accomplished with medical records, injury reports, and other evidence gathered at the time of their personal injury claim. For example, if one has experienced a severe side effect after using an OTC drug, it is important to document his or her symptoms immediately upon use. Writing down what happened may help support future claims in court.

Hospitalization for specific injuries could also substantiate an individual's case for compensation against corporations that manufacture defective products. These events highlight how serious their injuries are, which often leads to higher damages being awarded during litigation proceedings.

Producing evidence showing that one was indeed hurt from taking this specific pharmaceutical will strengthen his/her overall Defective Drugs claim.

2) One Must Ensure the Product was used as directed

It is imperative to ensure that one has taken this drug exactly how it instructs. This means not taking more of the medication than what the doctor recommends or consuming alcohol with drugs can lead to serious complications and be unable to prove their injury claim against a corporation that developed these defective products.

Ensuring one uses this product as instructed will help enhance their Defective Drugs case by showing that if one had followed directions, there would be no harm done; further supporting claims regarding pharmaceutical corporations' responsibility for injuries caused by its defective drugs.

3) Have Solid Proof that the Drug was Defective

Proving that the drug was defective is another critical step in preparing one's claim. After filing suit against the drug company, it is imperative that one presents evidence in court that proves their claim. One way of doing this would be if someone involved with developing or manufacturing the defective product testifies on their behalf; showing that they agreed that there were flaws in development or when released onto the market, which led to injuries caused by using these drugs.

A second way of proving whether or not a medication is indeed defective could also include any recalls that occurred by the FDA. Because recalls indicate a serious problem with how the drug was made, this also helps strengthen one's Defective Drugs case against the company. This is because it shows they knew of their products' defective nature and still released them onto the market regardless to make profit, highlighting corporate negligence and showing how much damage these drugs can cause those who take them.

Providing solid evidence in court that shows that the drug was indeed defective or how it caused injuries could help strengthen one's Defective Drugs case against the manufacturer.

4) One Must Prove the Defect Caused their Injury

It is vital to make sure one can prove that the defect of this product caused their injury. This means being able to show that there was a direct link between taking this pharmaceutical drug and then experiencing adverse side effects after consumption, which led up to whatever pain or suffering one may have endured due use of these defective products.

Proving how exactly injuries were sustained from using these medications will help strengthen an individual's claim against corporations who manufacture them. One must demonstrate why they should receive monetary compensation for any damages incurred because using these drugs resulted in physical harm done to their body, thus furthering his/her overall case for legal action against faulty pharmaceuticals.

5) Seek a Lawyer to Review Your Claim

As mentioned before, defective drugs cases are complicated and can be challenging to prove, especially if you don't have experience dealing with such issues. For one's claim against pharmaceutical companies regarding injuries caused by using their dangerous prescription medication to hold up in court, they must seek legal advice from a defective drug attorney.

Having a lawyer take over one's case will help ensure that all evidence needed has been appropriately gathered. Hence, not to give the defense attorneys anything that could weaken or invalidate one's claims made against drug manufacturers whose medications led up to injury sustained by using these products. This means hiring someone who knows what they are doing will help ensure that the claim is successful.

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Why does it take so long to settle construction accident cases?

The popular belief is that construction-related lawsuits are widespread in the United States. There’s the running joke of an American’s favorite attire being a “lawsuit”, referring to the large number of cases filed each year in the country, many of them far over-reaching.  In reality, too many people still hesitate to make a claim for fear that their case will never be resolved. Or even worse, they worry that the other side will be bigger and stronger, eventually turning the table on them in an act of vengeance.  On the complete contrary, some people think that filing a lawsuit will give them immediate compensation, which is also highly unlikely - construction accidents in particular. This question is difficult to answer without first taking many factors into consideration, since many circumstances and players in a case can affect its length.

  • Your case can be delayed due to legal or factual issues like disputes over the responsible party or monetary value.
  • Your case could have a lot of damages.
  • You have not achieved the maximum medical improvement possible for your injuries.

Some construction accident cases take a long time, and nothing can be done about it, unless you are willing to accept a smaller sum.

In cases where an insurance company is involved, it is highly unlikely that the insurer will offer a reasonable settlement. At least not until the plaintiff's legal team has made the claim and hired experts to demonstrate that the defender had the right to do so. There are even cases in which insurers do not offer settlements because they do not believe that you have the right to sue. These cases take longer because a judge must decide whether you have the right to sue in the first place. Only if the judge decides in the probative, the insurer may offer a settlement. You will then have to convince the judge of the following:

  • Your injuries are serious and you are not exaggerating the situation.
  • You are a credible person and they will not be able to damage your credibility.
  • The opposing side doesn't have a good defense against your case.

In a case with large compensation, it is also common for insurers to try to delay the settlement to see if the plaintiff gives up and does not accept the entire settlement. Insurers know that seriously injured people really need the money they are claiming. They use this knowledge to take advantage of the plaintiff and try to force them to agree to a faster and smaller settlement.

If you are in a difficult situation where you need the money as soon as possible, then you may think that the best option is to settle early in what is called a short agreement. It can be difficult to determine how much you should accept, and unfortunately there are no techniques to help you make that decision. Insurers have no responsibility for offering you a certain amount: some may offer you 50% of the settlement you could reach; others, less than 10%. Even if you are considering accepting a short settlement to avoid being involved in a long lawsuit, it is important that you consult with a construction accident attorney.

On the other hand, your case could have problems related to damages. This can occur in cases where the doctors who treated the plaintiff are unsure whether the plaintiff's injuries were caused by the negligence of the defender. In construction accident cases, it is always the plaintiff's responsibility to prove that the defender was responsible for the damages. So if the doctors can't decide, the insurers won't offer a settlement until the plaintiff's legal team finds a doctor who can testify that it was the defenseman's fault, based on the medical evidence.

Whatever your situation may be, it most important to not go through the process alone. A reputable construction accident attorney will help you understand what goes into a case, and the best options are for you. There are often difficult decisions to be made, but with the right legal support system, it might just all come out grander than you expected in the end.  

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The Advantages of Seeking an Expert Car Accident Attorney

If you've been injured in a car accident, getting legal counsel as soon as possible is essential. A good philadelphia car accident lawyer will be able to help you recover damages that include lost wages and medical expenses. They will also be able to determine who is at fault and help you assert your civil rights. As a result, you must find a lawyer as soon as possible.

One way to find a great lawyer is to look at their experience. When you are searching for an attorney, the ideal thing is to find one practicing for years. Attorneys that have been practicing for a long time have a lot of experience that you can utilize. The more experience the law firm has, the easier it will be for you to get compensation.

A good car accident attorney will also be experienced in negotiating with insurance companies. You never want to give the insurance company too much of an advantage. They need to know that you are the one who has the upper hand so that they will deal with you fairly.

It's also essential to look for an attorney that is experienced in handling cases like yours. If you've been injured, then you'll want to find an attorney that has handled accidents like yours. If you were injured in an auto accident, you want to find an attorney that has handled personal injury cases like yours before.

Attorneys are the ones who speak on behalf of the injured

Your attorney is the one who speaks on your behalf to the insurance company and the courts. As a result, they need to know what you want from them. If you've been injured, your attorney should always be listening to what you're saying. In addition, they need to speak for you when giving their opinion. As you are looking for a lawyer, you need to make sure that they are listening to everything that you say.

Finding an attorney is just the first step in the legal process

Once you find an attorney, they will need to notify the insurance company. It's also up to the attorney to make sure that you get a fair settlement and compensation. They can do this by negotiating with the insurance company. They will also fight for your rights if the insurance company is trying to get out of paying you. Your attorney will be able to get you what you deserve.

The importance of choosing the right lawyer

Many people get injured in car accidents. In some cases, it's a minor accident where no one is injured. In other cases, it's a serious accident with injuries that lead to permanent damage. If you find yourself in that situation, it's essential to look at your options.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to learn as much as you can about the law. When you know your rights, you can protect yourself from people trying to take advantage of you. As you are searching for a lawyer, make sure you find one who understands your situation and fights for your rights.

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In an Uber Accident? Here's What You Need to Do While Uber is one of the most convenient ways to get around, it becomes complicated with different liability issues concerning the driver and Uber. After an Uber car accident in New Jersey, it’s important to determine who is liable for your injuries. If you’ve been injured as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, you need help from a car accident lawyer who understands the complexities of car accident law.

What to Do if You are in an Uber Car Accident

If you're injured in an Uber accident in New Jersey, here are the steps to take right away:

  • Take a screenshot of the Uber app so you can prove the route, the driver, and the accident time in a personal injury claim.
  • Get medical help immediately and file a police report.
  • Take photos of the accident scene, including the positioning of the vehicles and your injuries.
  • Gather the insurance information of all parties involved.
  • Get the contact information of any eyewitnesses.

Rideshare Liability Issues in NJ

After an Uber accident, injured victims often face dealing with the combination of personal insurance, ridesharing company insurance carriers, and the driver’s own insurance policy, which can make settling a claim very challenging.

Coverage conditions mostly depend on the driver's stage of work at the time of the accident:


Off-duty or unavailable drivers involved in car accidents are liable for any injuries and damages under their own insurance.

No Passengers, But In Service

Contingent coverage is available if the vehicle is in service but does not have any passengers. If a driver is at fault for an accident, Uber provides liability insurance.

Passengers and In Service

Uber's liability coverage extends to a driver and a passenger in the event of an accident. Under the company's liability policy, Uber provides one million dollars in liability coverage, plus a million dollars for uninsured or underinsured drivers.

Work With a Car Accident Lawyer in NJ

When you need to settle a claim from your Uber car accident, take legal action with an experienced car accident attorney. You can receive the legal help you need to get compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of wages resulting from your injuries. Schedule a free attorney consultation today.

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Motor Accident Claims: Top 6 FAQs Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating. With more than 3,000 incidents occurring each year in Brisbane alone, many people are left questioning how to go about getting the compensation they deserve after being involved in a crash. We have compiled a collection of some of the most popular questions our lawyers get asked, so you can learn more about the claim and compensation process.

Can I claim compensation for my car accident?

Every person’s circumstances are different. Your eligibility for compensation will depend on who was at fault for the accident. If you were not at fault,

or only partially at fault, then you will generally be eligible for compensation.

Can I claim compensation even if a crash was my fault?

If a motor accident was entirely your fault, then you may not have grounds for a compensation claim. Even if it seems straightforward that you were wholly at fault for the crash, it may be worthwhile speaking to a legal professional who can expertly assess your situation and provide advice on whether or not you can proceed with a claim.

How long do I have to submit a claim for compensation after a motor accident?

In Queensland, time limits apply for making a compensation claim. If you are claiming for injuries sustained in an accident, you have to begin the claim process within 9 months of the accident, or within 1 month of consulting a solicitor about your case, whichever one of these comes first. If you miss this window, you may still be able to make a claim, but you will be required to provide evidence supporting your reasons for pursuing the claim (for example, if you suffered an injury which was not apparent until later in life). These circumstances are often difficult to prove though, so it is wise to make your claim within the prescribed limits.

Does it cost anything to make a car accident compensation claim?

It can cost money to request or submit certain forms in relation to your claim. If you end up needing to enlist the aid of a legal professional, you may also need to pay legal fees. We recommend using lawyers who work on a No Win No Fee basis. This can help safeguard you against large legal fees that you would otherwise be required to pay regardless of the outcome of your case.

Will I have to go to court for a compensation claim?

You may need to attend court for your claim. This could be required of you if an insurer doesn’t accept the liability of the driver they insure, or if you were unable to identify the other vehicle involved in your accident. In these circumstances, your claim would be made against the Nominal Defendant and you will likely need to present your case in the courtroom. Engaging with a car accident lawyer can help make this process less daunting, while giving your claim a much better chance of being successful.

How much compensation will I get after a car accident?

There is no standardised chart of damages for successful motor accident claims. The amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend on the extent of your injuries and the effect they have on your life – for example, a person who sustained significant physical or mental injuries and could not work for the rest of their life would be entitled to more compensation than a person who sustained a leg injury which prevented them from working for 9 months.

Motor accidents can be extremely traumatic. Consulting a legal professional in a timely manner is an important first step if you want to receive the compensation you deserve. If you have any more questions on motor accident claims or compensation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an expert from the Personal Injury Helpline team.

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What To Consider When Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer Each year, millions of people get involved in all sorts of accidents. Hundreds of thousands more may sustain serious injuries, enough to warrant taking legal action. Getting compensation from an insurance company is usually not a sure thing. In this instance, a personal injury attorney becomes an essential part of that process of claiming compensation.

Due to the number of accidents, the number of law firms specializing in personal injury lawsuits has continued to rise too. This number doesn't factor in those lawyers with private practices not big enough to form a reputable firm. Depending on your geographical location, a plethora of options could be available to you.

The process of hiring an attorney may not be as straightforward as most people would like to think. Certain essential factors are required for you to select the ideal attorney for your case.

A lawyer that is a “Jack of all trades” may not be the best choice. Some injury cases require the legal expertise of a personal injury lawyer with years of trial experience. Sometimes, winning a case (and a fair settlement) can come down to presenting facts in a new light. Insurance companies are usually reluctant to pay compensation to victims of personal injury. Such companies tend to have a legal team whose primary aim is to prevent payouts. This situation requires the expertise of an experienced personal injury attorney. Consider the following factors when choosing a personal injury attorney:

  • Do They Specialize In Personal Injury?

Specialization in personal injury (or tort) law is essential for anyone considering legal action against a third party. Numerous personal injury laws came into existence as a result of common law. Common law is one made by a judge and not a legislative body. For example, when an injured party launches a legal campaign to get compensation from an insurance company. Assuming there were no laws covering that aspect of the lawsuit, a judge can hand a verdict based on the facts of the case. The judge’s decision becomes legally binding and sets a precedent for all lower courts in that particular jurisdiction.

Personal injury as a branch law is so vast. Poor representation due to inexperience can lead to a victim not receiving justice or compensation. Always ask about the lawyer’s expertise regarding this area.

Additionally, ensure that the attorney has actual trial experience. Many personal injury cases involve large insurance companies. Through their lawyers, the insurance company may drag its feet during the settlement process in a bid to settle at a lower amount. Ensure that your lawyer is capable of proceeding to trial should the need arise.

  •  How Aggressive Is The Lawyer?

As mentioned, a lack of trial experience can be a serious disadvantage for any personal injury attorney. The stakes can be very high in cases involving corporate malfeasance. The potential settlement from such cases can go into eight figures. When such vast sums of money come into play, the temptation for the defendant’s legal team to use underhand tactics is highly likely. Hire a personal injury attorney that will do whatever it takes to win, as long as that attorney does not break the law.

Ensure that their determination and drive are very evident before agreeing to hand your case over to them.

  •  What Are Their Qualifications And Credentials?

It is not above some attorneys to fabricate their credentials to appear more experienced than they are. It goes without saying that a competent attorney should have the basics in place; a law diploma from an accredited learning institution and a valid license with which to practice.

As these attorneys increase their experiences through trying cases, they will become more knowledgeable. They may even acquire some certifications and other credentials along the way. Enquire about any such credentials before hiring a personal injury attorney.

Some attorneys may choose to form a fraternity or belong to one. Membership in a prestigious law fraternity can be a strong indicator of an attorney’s competence.

  • Does The Lawyer Have Any Testimonials? 

Much like positive product reviews can help a company’s image and boost sales, testimonials about a personal injury attorney can go a long way toward solidifying their reputations. Imagine finding an attorney with a track record of bullying corporations and employers into a fair settlement; such an attorney would become your first choice if you need legal advice involving accidents or malpractice.

  •  Fee Structure

A crucial sticking point for many potential clients is attorney fees. With different payment terms and arrangements, clients can be confused about the exact amounts they have to pay. Many lawyers charge a flat fee for consultation, although some offer free consultation in a bid to boost business.

An hourly rate is the industry standard in many cases; the client. This hourly rate can change depending on the nature of the case. A contract at the beginning of any attorney-client relationship ensures that such seeming trivialities become very clear.

Personal injury lawyers usually work on a contingent basis. Contingency means that payment is issued to the attorney only if the client wins. This payment is a fraction of the settlement amount.

Potential clients need to remember that they have to pay certain costs regardless of the outcome of the case. Hiring expert witnesses and other costs related to pursuing the case all fall on the client. Ensure to read the contract thoroughly before committing to any form of representation.

  •  Character Of The Lawyer

Many clients overlook the importance of compatibility with their attorneys. Personal injury cases can drag on for long periods, sometimes even years. It’s crucial to have an attorney with whom your personality matches. The strain of protracted legal battles can take its toll, even on the best relationships.

 All in all, a lot of thought should go into hiring a personal injury attorney. It would be remiss for accident victims to take such matters lightly. Insurance companies and all other liable parties know that their attorney may find some legal wiggle room that can acquit them of blame. Victims of accidents need to act quickly when the need arises.

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