No Win No Fee Solicitors? The Complete Guide to No Win No Fee Solicitors in Ireland

What does it mean if I hire no win no fee solicitors in Ireland?

Hiring no win no fee solicitors in Ireland means that when a solicitor takes on a case, the solicitor will pay the costs of the litigation on behalf of the client. Some areas which are covered when you hire a no win no fee solicitors in Ireland include expert advice, stamp duty, medical reports, and other costs associated with your case.  

How much do solicitors take in a no win no fee?

Unlike in some countries in Ireland, it is illegal for solicitors to charge a percentage or a commission from the amount that they have awarded a claimant. Claimants will mostly have to pay solicitor/client fees, which will be laid out in an agreement beforehand. If claimants have any concerns in relation to the extent of the fees they may have to pay, they should contact their personal injury solicitor to discuss. 

Is a no win no fee legal in Ireland?


No win no fee arrangements are perfectly legal in Ireland. But there are several caveats to this rule and one of them is that solicitors are forbidden to advertise that they are offering no win no win services in Ireland. 

What’s the catch in a no win no fee?

A no win no fee agreement is an arrangement between a claimant and their personal injury solicitor. Sometimes these agreements are referred to as “conditional agreements.” What this means is if your claim is successful, you’ll have to pay a contingency fee for the services that your personal injury solicitor gave you during the case. 

Can you lose money in a no win no fee case?

Losing a no win no fee case means that if you lose the case, you won’t have to pay any fees to the solicitor who represented you. Obviously, if you lose the case, you won’t get compensation for the injuries that you sustained. 

However, you may be liable for the opposing side's costs if you lose. An injury solicitor will set you up with an insurance policy, so this will act to mitigate any costs that are incurred if you lose the case. 

The good news is, in the vast majority of no win no fee cases, claims are successful and the claimant will get compensation.

How long do no win no fee cases take?

The length that it takes to settle a no win no fee case can vary. If the other party and the injuries board accept liability in the case, your case can be settled relatively quickly. Sometimes between 6 and 12 months.

But if the other side disputes the compensation being offered or the facts of your claim, your case may end up in the court and it could take upwards of three years.

It’s important for some claimants to understand that settling cases early may not always be in the best interests of your claim. Sometimes the longer you can leave your claim, the higher the payout. Obviously, the facts of every case may vary and if you have concerns about a no win no fee claim, contact a personal injury solicitor.

Should I accept the first offer in a no win no fee case? 


It is usually a terrible idea to accept the first offer that an insurance company makes in a no win no fee case. The reason for this is varied, but principally, you should reject the first offer because the second or even third offer may cause an increased payout. Whilst it may be tempting to accept the first offer and get everything “over and done with” mostly, it is not the wise decision. 

How can I discover the best no win no fee solicitors in Ireland? 

There are several key skills that you should look for when you want to hire no win no fee solicitors in Ireland. First, you want to know whether these no win no fee solicitors are experienced and skilled in injury law. 

A red flag when hiring no win no fee solicitors in Ireland, is if any of these solicitors have been in breach of the law society guidelines. For example, if you did a quick Google and discovered that the no win no fee solicitors you were thinking of hiring have made national headlines for breaching law society guidelines, it may not be a good idea to hire this injury law solicitor. 

Another great way to discover the credential of your no win no fee solicitor is to look up their testimonials on Google reviews. If most of these are positive, the chances are that the injury law solicitor you’re thinking of hiring can be trusted. 

Ultimately, it comes down to research.

How will no win no fee solicitors in Dublin know that I have a solid case?

No win no fee solicitors in Dublin will know if you have a valid claim by analysing the facts of your case. It’s vitally important that potential claimants are honest in relation to the facts of their case because they may effect their claim in the future. For example, if a claimant has multiple other previous claims, it is vital that the injury solicitor be aware of this. 

So should I hire no win no fee solicitors? 

If you have suffered an injury, though no fault of your own, hiring no win no fee solicitors can be an excellent way to get the compensation that you deserve. By hiring a no win no fee solicitor, you can have peace of mind with the costs of your case. If you hire the correct solicitor, you can rest easy knowing that your case is in excellent hands and that the chances of your case reaching a successful resolution are increased. 

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