Why Would a Personal Injury Lawyer Call Me?

If you have been injured in an accident and think you might have a personal injury case, then you might wonder whether or not to hire a personal injury lawyer. A good personal injury lawyer can help your case from the moment you decide to hire one, but there are several reasons why calling a lawyer might be the right thing to do in any given situation. Here are a few reasons why a personal injury lawyer calls.

If You Were Hurt in an Accident

Many injuries can lead to lengthy recovery periods that impact the ability to work, have limited access to your finances, and result in constant pain. Accidents are frustrating for everyone involved and can significantly disrupt your life. It's important to get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can help assess your claim and advise you on what actions to take next. Your lawyer can tell you if you should file a lawsuit or how much compensation is available. Your attorney will also know how to approach insurance companies, which might settle your case early.

If You Lost Wages as a Result of the Accident

You may also be able to recover lost wages from your employer because of the accident, including missed workdays, overtime pay, and any raises you would have otherwise received had you not been injured. For example, if you missed three days of work in December due to your injury and that time was worth $600 per day to your employer or $1,800 in total, you can sue for lost wages up to $1,800. The same is true for an hourly employee who misses 10 hours due to injury - they could claim $100 per hour. However, there are exceptions. If the injury happened while you were on the job, your employer might try to deny your request for lost wages.

If You Are Suffering Emotionally From the Accident

If you're having difficulty coping with what happened, talk to someone. If you're feeling depressed, guilty, or angry, it's time to speak to someone about your feelings. It might be an emotional coach, a therapist, or a close friend who listens without judgment. Often people in our lives can make suggestions and offer valuable insights into what might help you heal the most and get back on your feet again. Sometimes all you need is somebody there for you, who listens and cares about how you are doing. It's not always possible to give this support to yourself, but when you find that person or those few, don't let them go. They can make a difference in helping you heal from what has happened.

If You Lost Your Property

If you have had your property destroyed and not just damaged, it is wise to call the police so that they can file an insurance claim. One of the first things that your personal injury lawyer might want to do when they hear about the accident is to reach out to their lawyers and see if there has been any previous litigation in similar cases. The other person's insurance company might offer compensation before going to court, but sometimes they refuse to pay up unless a judge forces them. Either way, you will want legal representation as soon as possible.

If It's Been Long Enough & You Want to Settle Out of Court

It could also be the case that you want to settle out of court. If so, and it's been long enough, your lawyer may be able to do this for you by negotiating with the other side. These negotiations can include reaching an agreement on the terms of the settlement, e.g., how much they will offer you in compensation or even just filing papers asking the judge to dismiss your case. On the other hand, if settlement isn't an option, these negotiations might involve discussing what will happen at trial and in preparation for trial, e.g., how much time each side needs to review evidence.

To Get Witness Information Before Officially Filing Suit

Before officially filing suit, personal injury lawyers call people with potential claims to gather witness information. If you were with the injured person at the time of their accident and witnessed it, they will want to know your information to prepare their case. It may not be your last phone call from them! A personal injury lawyer can have one or many cases at any given time, so there is no guarantee that this will be your only phone call. They might ask if you would like to file a claim as well.

A Settlement Has Been Reached & They Need Your Signature

So you received a call from your lawyer, and they want to talk to you about the settlement. The first thing they need is your signature. But what do you need to do before signing? This blog will help you understand why this lawyer called, how to prepare for their call, and what it means when they ask for your signature. It's helpful to know where you stand in the settlement so that you can feel confident in giving them consent.

Knowing your rights is important, so getting help from an experienced personal injury lawyer can be a good idea. If you're ever in an accident or face another situation where you feel someone is at fault for what happened to you, consult a lawyer for legal advice about your case.

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