Ran Off the Road by an 18-Wheeler? What to Do Next

If you were involved in a car accident, you might have questions about what to do next. A few things to remember: speak to an attorney, take photographs, and document the incident. Also, always contact law enforcement.

Document the incident

If you have been involved in an 18-wheeler accident, consider contacting the proper authorities. Aside from the obvious, you can also contact a truck accident attorney to ensure your rights are protected. However, before you call the police, you should be armed with some basic facts and figures about the incident. This will ensure the quickest and most efficient response and allow you to focus on other matters, such as recovering from injuries and repairing your vehicle. The best way to do this is by utilizing a DOT accident report form, readily available for download from the Texas Department of Public Safety's website. You can also get assistance by visiting a local DOT office, calling a phone number, or emailing a DOT employee.

The DOT also publishes a handy guide highlighting the changes to the various accident report forms over the years. For a more comprehensive look at what is expected of you and your company, check out the DOT website or consult a Motor Carrier Compliance Officer at your local DOT office. Lastly, you can contact a law firm specializing in 18-wheeler accidents to receive legal counsel and retrieve your police report.

Using a DOT accident report form can be a pain in the neck, but it will be well worth it. In addition to providing an official record of the incident, the state will use the information to create a yearly statistical summary to identify and correct problems with the data that has been gathered. Luckily, the department is open to reviewing reports and may send yours back for corrections or to ensure the correct information is included.

The DOT has a small but mighty staff dedicated to accident reporting, and the department can also provide you with a free copy of a sample accident report. There is even a handy dandy downloadable DOT form courtesy of the DOT Office of Public Affairs. Upon receipt of your completed report, a DOT representative will verify its validity and congratulate you on a well-done job.

Contact law enforcement

If you have ever been involved in a car or truck accident, you may wonder what the best action is. Many factors go into a successful recovery. Whether you were hit by a vehicle or pushed off the road, make sure you get help. Having a qualified 18-wheeler accident lawyer can be an invaluable resource in the event of a crash.

When you are involved in a traffic accident, write down all the details. This can include details about the vehicle you were driving, the driver, the name of the road that you were on, and other pertinent information. You may also want to take photographs of the scene. These can be used as evidence in a court of law.

You should also gather as much information as possible about the offending vehicle. Obtaining the driver's name and contact information can help you contact them if necessary. Likewise, you may wish to record the license plate number of the offending vehicle.

It is not uncommon for drivers to not even notice that they have been involved in an accident. This is one reason why you should always follow medical recommendations and never attempt to drive after being in an accident. Getting in an accident can be life-changing. Make sure that you stay healthy and safe, and your family members as well.

The most important thing to do after an off-road vehicle accident is to call 911. The call will connect you with emergency medical services and law enforcement. You may also need to file a report with your local police department. A Desk Report is a great way to document the fabled incident, but you can also file a formal complaint with your local civil complaint board. If you are injured, seek a skilled attorney specializing in truck accidents. Luckily, several firms specialize in this type of legal service.

While you are at it, consider getting an insurance estimate from a qualified broker. Don't sign any insurance settlement without first consulting an experienced legal professional.

Take photos of the accident scene

When you get into an accident which could damage your health, it is important to take photos of the accident scene. This will help you document the damage and injuries and can even help with your insurance claim.

To start with, you'll want to photograph all of the vehicles involved. These can include the driver and passengers of each vehicle and debris that may have been left behind. You should also take photos of the point of impact, the point of contact, and any road obstructions.

It would help if you also photographed the surrounding environment, including traffic lights and buildings. Take pictures of any vehicle damage, such as scratches, cracks, or broken glass. Take a close-up picture of the damage to the vehicles. This can provide details on the damages and show where the car was sitting before the accident.
If you cannot take photographs of the scene yourself, ask someone you know to take some. The best time to take scene photos is before the police arrive. However, don't worry too much about bystanders. Having photos of the accident scene can speed up the process of a claim.

Taking photos of the accident scene can also help to explain the accident to your attorney. Photos of the accident scene can capture the location of all of the vehicles, the condition of the roadways, and the weather and lighting conditions. It can also help to determine the cause of the accident. Getting photographs of the crash scene is critical, especially if the injuries are severe.

You should also take photos of traffic signs. Many businesses have security cameras, and you can use these to confirm the location of the crash.

Lastly, you should take photos of any personal property damaged in the accident. You should have a record of whether you lost a wallet or a laptop. By taking photos of the scene, you'll be able to prove the value of your items.

Speak with an attorney

If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident, you may seek the assistance of an attorney. An experienced trucking lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. A Houston truck accident attorney will help you recover from any economic, psychological, and emotional damages you have suffered. He can also help you get the best possible settlement. Sometimes, your settlement can be as large as tens of thousands of dollars.
Truck crashes happen every day, and they can lead to serious and permanent injuries. It's important to seek medical care right away. Failing to do so can cause the injuries to worsen and may prevent you from recovering properly.

Even if you feel fine during the accident, go to the hospital. You might be tempted to talk to the other driver, but it's a bad idea. The other party may offer you a deal that isn't worth your while. An experienced trucking lawyer can help you investigate the facts of the crash and determine who is liable. This includes collecting the names and contact information of any witnesses. They can then provide valuable insight into the cause of the big rig crash.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a semi-truck, you have the right to pursue compensation. However, the extent of the damages depends on the severity of your injuries. Depending on your case, you may be awarded non-economic compensation, such as pain and suffering and lost wages.

Besides seeking a trucking lawyer, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. Doctors can identify signs and symptoms quickly. Although some injuries do not appear immediately, they can take weeks or even months to develop.

Ensure you get all the information you need, including the name and contact information of the other vehicle's driver. Also, you should collect any photos or records of the scene. Photos can help you show the condition of the vehicles, surface conditions, and other aspects of the incident.

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