In an Uber Accident? Here's What You Need to Do

While Uber is one of the most convenient ways to get around, it becomes complicated with different liability issues concerning the driver and Uber. After an Uber car accident in New Jersey, it’s important to determine who is liable for your injuries. If you’ve been injured as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, you need help from a car accident lawyer who understands the complexities of car accident law.

What to Do if You are in an Uber Car Accident

If you're injured in an Uber accident in New Jersey, here are the steps to take right away:

  • Take a screenshot of the Uber app so you can prove the route, the driver, and the accident time in a personal injury claim.
  • Get medical help immediately and file a police report.
  • Take photos of the accident scene, including the positioning of the vehicles and your injuries.
  • Gather the insurance information of all parties involved.
  • Get the contact information of any eyewitnesses.

Rideshare Liability Issues in NJ

After an Uber accident, injured victims often face dealing with the combination of personal insurance, ridesharing company insurance carriers, and the driver’s own insurance policy, which can make settling a claim very challenging.

Coverage conditions mostly depend on the driver's stage of work at the time of the accident:


Off-duty or unavailable drivers involved in car accidents are liable for any injuries and damages under their own insurance.

No Passengers, But In Service

Contingent coverage is available if the vehicle is in service but does not have any passengers. If a driver is at fault for an accident, Uber provides liability insurance.

Passengers and In Service

Uber's liability coverage extends to a driver and a passenger in the event of an accident. Under the company's liability policy, Uber provides one million dollars in liability coverage, plus a million dollars for uninsured or underinsured drivers.

Work With a Car Accident Lawyer in NJ

When you need to settle a claim from your Uber car accident, take legal action with an experienced car accident attorney. You can receive the legal help you need to get compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of wages resulting from your injuries. Schedule a free attorney consultation today.

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