How to Deal with an Academic Dismissal?

Pursuing higher education at a good educational institution is an important step in a student’s life. Their main goal here is to graduate with good numbers. While some students put in their best and come out with flying colors, for some it is not the same. They struggle to meet the academic performance standards that are set up by the college. If the student fails to make academic progress or does not perform as mentioned by the code of conduct of the college, they might be dismissed. Such academic dismissal can be a major setback for students. Wish to know more? Visit

How to deal with academic dismissal?

An appeal in person: You can ask for an in-person appeal to impress and assure the college’s appeals committee by stating the factors that led to your dismissal and how given a chance you will give your best. During the in-person appeal, ensure that you dress properly, talk politely, express your gratitude for the opportunity, and assure them to improve your academic performance. 

Write an honest appeal: If you are opting for a written appeal, make sure you are honest about the reasons that affected your academic performance. Mention clearly all the details about what steps you are taking to ensure your grades improve. Request them to re-enroll you by writing an appeal letter filled with politeness and humility.

Parents should not interfere: College students are grown up enough to handle these situations. The appeals committee might not be impressed if parents are involved in the in-person appeals. The committee is very meticulous about students standing up for themselves and planning on how to fix the mistakes.

Apply to other colleges: If you feel that the reason for your academic dismissal is strong, then it is best to apply to other colleges immediately. Most colleges accept transfer students with academic dismissals. Research for such schools and apply immediately. 

Hire an attorney: For a fair appeals process, it is best advised to hire a reputed attorney. The attorney will make the contents of your appeal compelling enough to be given a second chance by the college. 

There are various factors of distraction that can lead to the poor performance of a student. However, it is the responsibility of the student to avoid such distractions and concentrate on their studies. If you are going through an academic dismissal, you can always appeal in person or submit an appeal with the help of a reputed and skilled attorney. Working with an attorney will definitely increase your chances of getting an appeal to pursue your education without any hindrance.

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