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What Type of Damages Can a Plaintiff Claim in a Personal Injury Case?

Most people are aware that successful personal injury lawsuits result in a “damages” payment awarded to the injured plaintiff by the party involved with the injuring. Monetary payments in personal injury lawsuits are basically classified into two: compensatory and punitive damages. Compensation is the most common type of damage payments successful lawsuits win. Occasionally, however, punitive damages are also awarded by courts, especially... [Continue Reading]

Is a Signature From 50 Years Ago Really Important to Your Home Ownership?

If you were to ask anybody who has been through the home buying process about their experience then they would tell you that it is not an easy task. Not that it is an impossible one, just that it can often become so overwhelming that many homeowners forget to complete their due diligence. One of the most commonly forgotten processes is title insurance. If you are about to embark on the home buying journey and don’t know what title insurance is,... [Continue Reading]

What to do when the other driver doesn’t have car insurance

In the course of your lifetime, you’ll most likely be involved in at least one car accident. Even the best drivers are involved in accidents, which are increasingly common across the United States. To see just how frequent car accidents are, you can simply look up the statistics in your area. For instance, according to New York car accident stats, there were nearly 6.3 million car crashes reported to police in 2015, just in New York state. Among... [Continue Reading]

What does employee fraud entail in Canada?

In Canada, fraud is a violation of the Criminal Code. It refers to any case where an individual has sought to defraud a person or organization by using deceit, falsehood or similar methods. This can include accepting bribes or kickbacks as well as data fraud if you take digital information from your employer. Digital fraud has become a common concern for employers. This means that if you are caught taking any company information, trade secrets, client... [Continue Reading]

Ways to Protect Ideas in the UK

When you have a great idea that no one else has ever thought of, and you believe it is commercially viable, you should think about protecting it. It might not be cheap, but it is worth it. If you have an invention, you can apply for a patent. If you deal more on the intellectual side, you can be protected by a copyright. Know when to get a patent, copyright or trademark. The basics of patenting A patent is used for inventions. If your product is... [Continue Reading]

A Look at the Most Common Personal Injury Claims

Many people watch the commercials on TV and see the billboards which state that attorneys can get victims the compensation that they need. And, according to statistics, over 700,000 personal injury claims are filed in the United States every year. Personal injury encompasses everything from dog bites to medical neglect, and it is vital that anyone looking for a personal injury lawyer works with someone who has experience in their type of claim. In this... [Continue Reading]

Common Car Accident Injury Claims

A car accident can impact your life in many different ways. But that doesn’t mean that you deserve to bear the brunt of the impact on your own shoulders. With a car accident injury claim, you can get damages for the effects of your car accident. Find out exactly what you might be entitled to obtain. Medical Expenses The first, and possibly most expensive, claim that you could make is for your medical expenses. Most car accidents result in... [Continue Reading]

5 Little-known Facts About Worker’s Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation claims occur more than you might think. However, few people understand what they are and how they work. Understanding the claims could make all the difference in your work-related injury. Find out five little-known facts about workers’ compensation claims. It doesn’t matter who is at fault In a car accident personal injury claim, your claim depends on the other person being responsible for the accident. But... [Continue Reading]

Injured While Getting a Beauty Treatment? Get Legal Help for Compensation

A few years back, regular beauty treatments were only for those with extra cash to spare. Later, people started to have some types of beauty treatments for special occasions. Today, beauty treatments are accessible to anyone, anytime. Various methods to enhance beauty are available, from various types of beauty salons. There are several benefits of getting a beauty treatment. It can lift your spirits. It can make you look fresher, healthier and... [Continue Reading]

Four Main Qualities to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered a personal injury and want to claim the compensation that you are entitled to, then it’s important to hire a good personal injury lawyer to fight your case and improve your chances of gaining the maximum amount of compensation possible. However, there are hundreds of personal injury lawyers out there to choose from, so it’s vital to make sure that you know exactly what you are looking for in the right one. If you are... [Continue Reading]